Janice Lawrence

My work is pretty simple. It is about joy, color and life. By focusing the eye through composition, heightening drama through contrast and intensifying emotion through color, I seek to capture the spiritual essence of the subject.

When I get it right, the painting speaks to your soul. Your spirit connects to the essence of the captured moment. It nourishes you by calming or exciting you or just giving you what you need to let your mind relax and your feelings take over. 

Hopefully, the picture makes them happy.

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An artist dedicates her life to communicating what she sees in the world around her.  Ideally communication is two way, where the artist gives part of herself to her audience and the audience reflects that energy back through communicating either in person, or in our brave new world, through comments, messages, likes and shares.  Please engage with me on my journey to create positive energy through art.